Giftedness Guide Senior Trainer

Giftedness Guide Senior Trainer


Recognition Certified Senior Trainer- Giftedness Guide
  • Participate in video feedback to 4-6 GGAP participants
  • 4 online cohort workshops with Master Senior Trainer
    • clarify the pattern
    • Help the sentence
    • Feedback with psychological safety
    • Application of using and reading pattern
Outcomes Senior Trainer:

Prerequisite-GGAP certification

Senior trainer will be able to:

  • Conduct online /hybrid in person workshops in the giftedness framework
  • Provide individual and group feedback with psychological safety
  • Specific interactions with Master Senior Trainer(MST)

30 hours + 2500 words essay

Recognition in 5 months:

Certified as Senior Trainer – Giftedness Guide, numbering is Linkedin complaint

Eligible for invitation into Master Senior Trainer for:

    • Supervision of Senior Trainer
    • Certifying sites
    • Developing new curriculum