Giftedness Guides Accelerator Program

Giftedness Guides Accelerator Program


A giftedness guide is equipped to help others discover their giftedness and then act on that insight in the major areas of their life, such as vocation, relationships, and living with purpose.

Recognition Cert of Achievement and Practitioner—Giftedness Guides
  • Workbook
  • 7 videos + companion videos
  • User enabled selection
  • 12 videos GGAP course
  • “You” ePUB
  • Exercises and Assignments with feedback from MST
  • Eligible for MST Level Course
  • Connect with cohort and webinars
Outcomes Practitioner:Work through 7+companion videos + 12 videos with partner.

  • Provide feedback to two different individuals of their giftedness patterns; record two sessions of 5minutes in length for ST to review
  • Upload video to the LMS and receive feedback.
  • Submit an essay of 500 words.

Practitioner will be able to

  • provide feedback to giftedness discovery cohorts, either individually or in group
  • practice giftedness feedback based on supervision
  • describe the self-learning process
  • ability to create giftedness cohorts and guide their specific discovery of giftedness

self-paced 30 hours + 500 words essay

Recognition in 3 months:

  • With videos and essay- Certificate of Achievement certified as practitioner-Giftedness Guide, numbering is linkedin complaint
  • Conversion to membership free? videos, articles and new releases.